I am a 30-something with a beautiful wife and one-year old daughter. Originally from a small town in Maine, I gave up the quiet life for the bustling city of Boston after high school to attend Tufts University. After a five-year stints in Annapolis, Maryland and Boston, Massachusetts, I found myself in Beijing, China as my wife fulfilled her dream to teach internationally.

While I grew up in the countryside with wild blueberry patches and acres of forest, I did not start my journey as someone that wanted to understand and protect nature until high school. My junior year I took an environmental science class that let me explore concepts that I found absolutely fascinating such as weather patterns and ocean currents. My journey has come a long ways since that time with my interest diversifying into a more comprehensive environmental, social and governance outlook. 

To walk the talk, my family has eschewed owning a car and sourced our electricity from wind and solar power while in Boston. In Beijing, we've signed up with a CSA to support local farmers.


In my downtime, I enjoy activities that allow me to experience nature and set loose my competitive spirit. Running has been my activity of choice over the past decade including a competitive NCAA Division III career and post-collegiate marathon regular - 5 Bostons, 1 NYC, and a crazy Great Wall Marathon among others. If running even partially interests you and you find yourself in Boston be sure to take a stroll along the Charles River (Boston and Cambridge) or look up the HeyRunning group in Beijing.