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Interested in applying the concepts discussed in Decoding Sustainability into your business strategy to gain a competitive advantage in the market? Contact me to initiate a dialog on scope and budget. My contracts are typically lump sum or T&M with hourly rates significantly below what a similarly experienced professional at a non-independent consultancy would charge. I am excited to help you achieve your goals, which will further your career so lets get started! 

Decoding Sustainability currently has a full schedule and is not accepting additional clients at this time.

Pro-Bono Policy: My mission is to help guide as many companies as possible onto a sustainable path. To support local job creating companies in the Beijing metro area that may be too small to afford professional service, Decoding Sustainability is interested in providing support on a pro-bono basis (as time allows). My goal is to expand pro-bono time to achieve the aims of the Pledge 1% initiative. Companies with annual revenue under $1M are currently eligible under this policy. Please indicate desire and applicability for pro-bono support in your inquiry.

Decoding Sustainability currently has fill its pro-bono allocation and is unable to support additional organizations at this time.